Digifly is a young and dynamic company, and since 1989 has been engaged in developing and improving an innovative modular digital flight and engine monitoring systems.

Digifly offers the pilot efficient, affordable, high precision instrumentation.

Having considered that pilots, depending on the different types of craft they fly, have different needs, Digifly have developed their product range to suit those needs. Thereby helping to make all forms of flight management easier, safer and more enjoyable.

All Digifly instruments are manufactured using precise state of the art robotic assembly systems, which virtually eliminate the human error factor.

The benefits of using Digifly monitoring systems are characterised by higher precision, less weight, better reliability, compactness and less expense, compared to the purchase of equivalent mechanical instruments. Commercial and military aviation recognised the benefits of electronic instrumentation long ago and our objective has been to bring this technology to the general flying public by making it simple to use and affordable.

VortexThe digifly.co.uk web site is managed by Nick Pipe, the UK importer of Digifly Flight Intruments, trading as "Vortex" (VAT no: GB 869 5896 35). All prices on this website are quoted in pounds sterling (£) and where appropriate are inclusive of UK sales tax (VAT). The current rate of VAT is 20%. Postage and packing is an additional charge.

Digifly News


    Digifly Air Speed Indicator (Pitot Tube) for Paragliding Great news for all paraglider pilots who until now, did not have the opportunity of take full advantge of using...

    Date: 12/03/2018

    Tags: asi models pitot tube settings


    UKPPG Air Demo

    UKPPG PPG Flying School in Cambridgeshire has a new Digifly Air BT + Integrated ASI (pitot tube) available for demo. See UKPPG PPG Flying School contact details here....

    Date: 05/02/2018

    Tags: asi schools


    Auto Silence Setting

    By default, the AIR is silent at take off (until recording your flight), but if you want to test the vario sensitivity go to: VARIOMETER SETUP \n21. AUTV & turn to...

    Date: 04/02/2018

    Tags: settings


    Factory Reset

    If you have been adjusting your vario & need to perform a "factory reset": Turn off your vario. Hold down & keep held down the "OK" buttton and the "power on...

    Date: 04/02/2018

    Tags: settings


    Easy Airspace Management

    Airspace management on the Digifly Air is now very straight forward, with an increase in the maximum airspaces allowed to x1000. 1. Download your airspace file from...

    Date: 01/02/2018

    Tags: airspace maps